Once a year, Dr. Cheryl works deeply with a small group of couples for 12 weeks. Learn more about the Become Passion online program below!

The 2024 session will be offered in May - July. BUT Dr. Cheryl us offering some exclusive FREE workshops in April - check them out below! 💞 

This year I will once again be working deeply with a select group of couples for three months - helping you renovate your relationship.

Ever wonder why long term love is so hard? It's because couples don't know the three keys to great relationship. Here's a quick video where I teach you why you must learn to communicate like a champ, revive the fun of falling in love, renovate your sensual life and more...

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Passion Masterclass with Dr. Cheryl

April 24-28th - choose your time 👉 HERE! 👈

How to Revive Communication, Romance, and yes...sex! Learn and practice The 3 Keys To Great Relationship so you can become one of those rare couples who are deeply connected, happy, romantic & affectionate in this free online masterclass. There will also be an extensive Q&A - get YOUR relationship questions answered.


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Look, I know how challenging relationships are. You WANT more happiness, love, connection and yes, passion...but you don't have a roadmap to get you from where you are to where you long to be.

That's why, once a year, I invite a select group of couples to work deeply with me for three months. I coach you live in bi-weekly Q&A calls, I offer you a full program of recorded videos and science-based couples and sexuality techniques, and much more.

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A small sample of what the Become Passion program covers:

✔ Marriage Boredom - "We've Lost that Loving Feeling"

✔ Little or no sexual desire - and what to do about it

✔ How to fight fair and communicate effectively

✔ Why it's critical to Date your Mate

✔ Affair recovery

✔ Sexuality as we age

✔ and much, much more

Here's what couples just like you have to say about the breakthroughs they experienced in the Become Passion Couples Program!


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