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Thinking of joining the Become Passion program and wondering if it will help you in YOUR relationship? Heres a small sample of some amazing couples - and world class experts - to share their stories with you

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Praise for Cheryl's work

"Dr. Cheryl Fraser was the best guest expert we've ever had. She taught me things that changed my life - including the importance of scheduling sex. It's changed the quality of our intimacy. I encourage you to work with her, she's amazing"

– Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul


He said "I want a divorce"

From "I want a Divorce" to Happy & Connected - Howard and Karen talk about how the Become Passion program saved their marriage - and how the Dr. Cheryl's model of the Passion Triangle was key.

– Howard & Karen, Become Passion Alumni


From workaholic to great hubby...

"I was so busy with my business I wasn't paying attention to my relationship. After Become Passion, our relationship is better than it has even been. We now go on date nights, always kiss goodnight, and I understand my wife's point of view much better! Dr. Cheryl's program is the best thing we've done together as a couple. If you are committed to having a better relationship this program will help you get there, hands down."

– Jeff & Joan, Become Passion Alumni


Hit retirement and suddenly - we were in trouble

From struggling with aging sexuality to "after Become Passion we could not be happier" - one couple talks about how to revive what you think you've lost

– Steve & Karen, Become Passion Alumni


From second marriage blues to love and passion

"I'd given up on love that really lasted - Then I met my second wife. I want every tool I can get to make this beautiful marriage work. That's where Become Passion came in. We learned basic skills we didn't learn in out first marriages - how to communicate, fight fair, how to show each other appreciation, how to improve sexual closeness. Join this program - it's really worth it".

– Evan & Cheryl, Become Passion Alumni


We didn't yell nasty names but our communication was awful

From terrible arguments to healthy communication "Do it! We highly recommend Become Passion and Cheryl is a truly caring person - we felt she "got us" from the first moment"

– Lisa & Kam, Become Passion Alumni


From sexless to sensual...

"We've had issues with multiple affairs, not communicating well, and hadn't made love in over a decade. We were at the end of our rope when we met Dr. Cheryl. Now our relationship is better in almost every way. We appreciate each other, communicate better, and really enjoy sensuality again! This course is right for anyone at any stage of your relationship, especially if you need to get away from being roommates and want to start a fulfilling, exciting relationship for the rest of your lives"

– Cheryl & Norm, Become Passion Alumni


Praise for Cheryl's work

"Cheryl is a remarkable lady who assists people to flourish in their intimate relationships. She has an unbelievable set of skills. Seek her out, listen to her, and do what she says. What changes between your ears will help you flourish between the sheets"

– Joseph McClendon III, Master Trainer for Tony Robbins, Author, Podcast host


Busy life with Kids, Not conencting?

Busy lives, 4 kids - BP helped us put each other first. "What won't I do to make my life better with my wife?" Become Passion helped us put our relationship first and make time for each other.

–Julien & Sarah, Become Passion Alumni


From broken up to engaged and passionate

"My relationship was falling apart when I met Cheryl. She got our relationship back on track. Become Passion gave me tools to stop our destructive fighting and the passion we now have is unbelievable - Love, Romance, and all the good stuff"

– Scott - Become Passion Alumnus

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Couselling didn't help- Become Passion did!

"We tried so many counsellors - nothing helped. Dr. Cheryl is direct, gives real tools. Do it - it's so worth it. I even tried to get my parents to join - they refused and now they are divorced. Preventative maintenance is key"

– Rose & James, Become Passion Alumni


From dark times to happy and hopeful

"With 3 kids, busy being parents, we had a lot of struggles, repeating arguments, and a downward spiral in our communication. We needed tools. That's where Become Passion came in. Now we have skills that work. We are so much happier, joking around again, and listening to each other. We've recommended Cheryl's program to friends and to anyone who feels like you are on your last leg and not sure you can make it. Thanks, Dr. Cheryl."

Elizabeth & Jay, Become Passion Alumni


From taking each other for granted to fun and connection

"Cheryl has a huge heart & makes everyone comfortable. We developed tools to NOT take each other for granted. We love the program and Cheryl's style and humour"

– Cat & Tom, Become Passion Alumni


After 30 years our sex life has never been better

"Cheryl builds the foundation of a great relationship so you can create fun and passion and connection again. The format is fantastic. Now we are putting each other first. We started Date Night again, and after 30 years our sex life has never been better. We can't say enough how amazing it is. No matter where your relationship is at, this course is perfect for everybody"

– Tasha and Huch


Great relationship but need more thrill?

"Even though we are relationship coaches ourselves, we needed to learn to bring some spark back. We highly recommend Become Passion to any couple! Plus the online format works so well - it gave us the privacy we wanted. Your relationship is worth the investment!"

– Dan and Carol - Become Passion Alumni


From giving up to great

"I (Rod) had some real intimacy blocks. We'd tried couples counselling and even sex therapy without success. I had almost given up hope. Dr. Cheryl's program was a revelation. We are now so much happier and closer as a couple"

– Denise and Rod, Become Passion Alumni


From defensive battles to date nights

"We married young and quickly got stuck in routine. After 22 years we considered breaking up. Then we found Dr. Cheryl's program. It's been awesome. Loved the curriculum, the Q&A sessions, the online format and hearing that we are not the only ones with struggles. We are doing way better- highly recommend Dr. Cheryl"

– Christine & Micah, Become Passion Alumni


If your partner won't join you...

"Even though my husband didn't participate, Dr. Cheryl and Become Passion really improved our connection. I highly highly recommend it. I got many tools that helped increase the magic and lustre of my relationship. Become Passion is a great investment in your relationship at any stage"

– Jacquie, Become Passion Alumnus


From roommates to a sensual couple

"Being in a long-term relationship had me feeling  more like a roommate than a passionate sensual partner. The thrill and deep connection was missing. I even wrote a pros and cons sheet on whether or not I wanted to continue in this marriage. Dr. Cheryl’s passion for her teachings, her professional expertise, her easy manner of sharing and encouraging is what attracted me to this course. The tools we have learned have developed a new level of desire and an awareness of how sensual and sexual we can be as a couple, despite our ageing bodies. We have a much better, and consistently loving relationship. We talk more, we work through disagreements. We've learned a new way of being together"

– Carol Lynn & Dave, Become Passion Alumni


Al and Jen, Boston

"Before Become Passion, our sexual intimacy had died and our trust was replaced with resentment and anger. This program taught us how to talk about our romantic and sexual life for the first time – it broke the sexual ice on our relationship. We want to thank you, Dr. Cheryl, for this program – it taught us how to learn and grow together”



M and N, Vancouver

"Before Become Passion, we were trying to recover from an affair. After Become Passion, our relationship is super strong. We are having so much fun, desire, and great communication. There is not a day we don’t do sweet things for each other. Thank you for all you did for us.  We would not be where we are without you and Become Passion"


Joceyln, Oregon

“Dr. Cheryl Fraser is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. She teaches on difficult topics with ease. I highly recommend taking her couples program, regardless of where you are in your relationship because her insights and wisdom are sure to help you take your relationship to a new level. And if you’re single, there’s no better time to learn so that you can attract the beautiful relationship you deserve!” 

Hetal and R, Michigan

"I've been married to my sweetheart for 21 years. We joined Become Passion to turn our good marriage into spectacular marriage. Now we are well on our way. Thank you Dr. Cheryl for providing tools and techniques that we need. Some of our favorites are the 15/15 communication exercise, time out, gratitude journal, and date night. I'm so glad we joined the Become Passion programme" ❤

Susan and Kent, Florida

"Before Become Passion, we didn’t realize we were stuck in “Marriage Inc.” The embers of our passion for each other were warm but we were ready for the return of a bit more spark. Through the program we learned to open up and talk freely about our Passion Triangle. And we invested time in our relationship – we realized coasting along doesn’t get you very far. We learned so many new communication tools – we love the three-breath-hug – and we are much more passionate and connected than before. If you are thinking about signing up for Become Passion – DO IT!" 


Chris and Christina, LA

"If you are reading this testimonial, and considering signing up for Dr. Cheryl Fraser’s Beyond Passion program, know that without a doubt it will be worth your investment. We had fallen into a pattern of lots of affection and emotional closeness, but no sex or passion. We felt some trepidation when we joined the program because these are difficult conversations to have. But we loved it. The structured exercises and accountability were great. What we found most comforting is the fact that we are not alone. We stopped feeling ashamed and started to celebrate what was working and to build on that. Is this the quick fix you’ve been looking for? No of course not. Life is work, and so is love. But we are well on our way."

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